Covid 19: Trump makes serious allegations against WHO, US will stop funding

Covid 19: Trump makes serious allegations against WHO, US will stop funding
The condition of America has become very serious due to Corona virus. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of bigamy. Trump said he would stop funding from the United States to the World Health Organization. He accused the organization of focusing all its attention on China during the Corona virus epidemic.

Trump said at a White House press conference, 'We are going to put a cap on the amount spent on WHO. We are going to put a very impressive stop on this. If it works then it would have been a very good thing. But when they call every step wrong, it is not good.

Trump alleged that we owe him most or the largest part of the financing. When I imposed a travel ban they did not agree with him and he criticized it. they were wrong. They have been wrong about many things. They already had a lot of information and they seem to be China-centric to a large extent. He said that his administration would consider funding the WHO towards the US.

"We give them more than $ 58 million," Trump said. They are a small part of the $ 58 million compared to the money given to them over the years. Sometimes they get much more than this. '

Meanwhile, Senator Jim Rich, chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, called for an independent investigation into WHO's methods of dealing with Kovid-19. He said the WHO not only failed for the American people, but it also failed on the world front with gross negligence in dealing with the Kovid-19.

A bipartisan group of about 24 MPs announced on Tuesday a proposal to block the WHO's fund until the resignation of WHO Director-General Tedros Gabriresius. It also demanded an international commission's inquiry into the organization's role in hiding China's Communist Party's failure to deal with Kovid-19.