Death toll from corona in America crosses 5,000,

Death toll from corona in America crosses 5,000,
Death toll from corona in America crosses 5,000, more than a thousand people die in 24 hours

America, the world's most powerful country, is facing the havoc of Corona. In the last 24 hours, more than a thousand people have died in America from Corona. At the same time, the total number of people who died of corona in this country has crossed five thousand. The death toll in America has been higher than China. More than two thousand people have died in New York alone.

New York most affected

New York tops the list of places affected by the Corona virus in America. Here, more than 2000 people have lost their lives due to Corona virus.

Also in New York, more than 83,000 people are infected with the corona virus.

US Corona Task Force chief's scary guess

Deborah Birse, head of the US Corona Task Force of the United States, said that we estimate that 1 to 2 lakh people may die due to Corona in the US. Our best effort is to save people's lives and keep the death toll at least.

Performance of nurses in america

The US has performed outside a hospital in New York and demanded better equipment and better facilities to fight the corono virus. A nurse said through a video that we (nurses and doctors) who went out to fight Corona are on a suicide mission. We do not have N95 masks nor virus protection suits. We also have an acute shortage of corono virus fighting equipment such as ventilators, in such a way how will we be able to fight the war against Corona and we ourselves fear of getting caught by this disease.

Donald Trump said - try to reduce the death toll

It seems that US President Donald Trump is also looking helpless against the corona virus and he has said in a statement that the number of deaths in the country is low, the government is working for it.

6-week-old girl dies of corona in America

In the US, a 6-week-old girl has also died of corona. It is said to be the youngest death due to corona virus.