Did China itself produce the corona virus, it seems from all these things

Did China itself produce the corona virus, it seems from all these things
Almost the whole world is closed. In the struggle of life everything is at a standstill. But the country which transported the whole world to this state, the markets there have suddenly become buzzing once again. In the midst of closed markets of the closed world, he has opened his markets so that he can profit from the business of the corona which he himself gave to the world. The trade that China has done in the name of Corona in just one month is eye-opening. Those who are saying that under the guise of Corona, China has made its move to become the next superpower of the world.

America is moaning. In Italy there is a squeaky squeak. Spain is crying. The UK is in ICU. Including Germany, France, Iran, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and India, nearly one-third of the country's population in more than 190 countries is imprisoned. Strange action. The temperature of the forehead and the speed of breath are being measured. Those coronary patients who have difficulty in breathing and those who are still left of corona, are breathless. Life is at stake that everything that has led to life has to come to a standstill. But the speed of the corona is such that oxygen is slowly being depleted from hospitals around the world. Ventilators are becoming less frequent. The clothes that protect doctors are missing. There is a huge lack of test kits. Masks and sanitizers are already missing.

But there is also a world in this closed world, where all the markets are open. All business is going on. Life and breath of life are going on at their own pace. This is the world, which is selling treatment and treatment items to the rest of the sick world. Surprised himself, the place where the world first heard the name of Corona and then the lock-down, how did that place recover from this disease so soon? How did she stand on her feet again so soon? And how is it now running the coin of its rule on the world market? Hubei Province of China has reopened. Its markets have been opened directly to the markets of the world. The factories are in operation for 24 hours.

China exported crores

Statistics from China's export department show that China has sent 3.86 billion (3.60 billion) masks to more than 50 countries. 3.7 billion (3.7 billion) Protective Clothing Peace China has reached the whole world. China has sold 16000 ventilators and 2.84 million (20.84 lakh) corona test kits to the world. China has done all these exports in the world between March 1 to April 1, ie in just one month.

Now imagine where this deadly epidemic started, where it caused havoc first. That country is now selling its goods to the whole world to avoid this corona. Not only this, in this difficult time when the whole world is under lockdown. And the economy of all countries is at stake. Even at such a time, China's economy is increasing at a doubling pace day and night. What's more, the medical equipment fighting Corona in China is being rigorously produced. Obviously, all these things raise doubts on China.

On one hand, China is selling its goods to the whole world. On the other hand, he is also doing a tremendous propaganda to help the world and to be called the Messiah. So is China really the Messiah of the world. Or is the story something else. The speed with which this deadly virus spread in China. The speed with which Hubei Suba of China came under its control and the speed with which China overcame it. It sure does surprise.

In such a situation, three things can happen. Either China learned very quickly from its mistakes in time and controlled the corona. Or China had long anticipated the epidemic and had prepared to deal with it. Or is the corona virus part of a Chinese strategy. Which he is going to open on the world one by one.

New cases of corona in China are now in very small numbers. Or say that these cases are almost equal to the earlier ones. And at the same time, the situation is very bad in Western countries, especially in Europe and America. In Europe, Italy, Spain, Germany, England and on the other hand, America is badly affected by it. So does the theory of corona virus prepared in the lab have a point? And did China itself create demand under the strategy and now it is also supplying itself to fulfill that demand. If there is any move of China behind Corona, then it is important to understand this demand and supply game.

If we look at this related news, the bottom line is that in the name of health care i.e. health services on the corona virus, China is preparing a silk road to the influential countries of the world. This is exactly like China's One Belt One Road program. Under which, he wanted to lay a trap from east to west, so that he could set his sights on the whole world. But the influential countries of the world did not allow this plan to be fulfilled then. And now, due to Corona at present, the world does not recommend any major opposition. In such a situation, China has pulled the silk road in the name of health care to fight corona.

In China, companies have started production in general. Production has started in 50 percent of the big companies here and 90 percent of companies all over China. 85% of China's business centers have opened. In view of the demand of N-95 masks all over the world, 9000 companies of China are making masks. This is the same as during the Second World War, instead of America joining the war itself. It was focusing on selling its military weapons by provoking other countries to war, due to which the world may have lost in that world war but America had won.

Due to this, not only his economy emerged but he also became the super power of the world. And now time has taken such a turn that China has this opportunity .. So China is doing exactly the same as America was doing during World War II. Create demand on your own .. and make profit by supplying yourself. But till the profit is fine. But is China also like America. Placing chess board and removing it to become superpower itself is a trick.