Donald Trump continues to threaten US to stop funding WHO

US President Donald Trump is attacking China for the devastation caused by the corona virus epidemic worldwide. With this, he has accused the World Health Organization of supporting China, hiding the corona virus case. Now Donald Trump is constantly threatening the US to stop funding the WHO and has indicated that steps have been taken in this direction.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said in a press conference, "The World Health Organization has discriminated against the United States on several occasions, so they cannot accuse us of doing politics." China gives only 42 million to the WHO, but the US gives 450 million. Despite this, everything is going in China's favor.

When Donald Trump was asked if he was imposing a complete ban on this funding, he said that I am not saying that we will stop immediately, but we will certainly consider it.

The World Health Organization's statement also came to light after the US President's constant attacks. WHO Director General Tedros said that the issue of the virus should not be brought into politics in any way. If you want to take it lightly and deny everything, or if you want more people to die, you should do politics on it.

Donald Trump is an attacker on China

Significantly, US President Donald Trump has been blaming China for the Corona virus for a long time and it is called the Chinese virus. Trump alleged that the WHO hid China's fault, which the entire world is now suffering.

Let us tell you that more than 4 lakh people are sick due to Corona virus in America, while more than 10 thousand people have died. According to an estimate, about one million people in the US may fall victim to it.