Donald Trump will ban the entry of migrants to America, said - I will issue order soon

Donald Trump will ban the entry of migrants to America, said - I will issue order soon
The US is badly affected by the Corona epidemic, causing a major setback to the country's economic situation. President Donald Trump is going to take a major step, calling for the protection of American citizens. He would sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration.

Donald Trump tweeted, citing the Corona virus, "the need to protect the jobs of great American citizens due to invisible enemy attack, I sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States Will do. "
Because of this move, migrants are currently being banned in the US.

Here, Donald Trump said that the US is making steady progress in its war against corona virus disease and the country has so far tested 41.8 lakh people. This is a record compared to any other country in the world. We have compared, and examined, more than all of these countries - France, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden and Canada.

Trump said this is a good number. This is good to see after going through adversity. Countries like Italy and Spain, which were initially against enforcing the bandh in the country, would have to pay a huge price. If the bandh was not implemented in the country and social distance measures were not taken, then millions of people would have been killed.

Trump referred to the steps taken by his administration on a war footing to deal with the global pandemic crisis and reassured the countrymen that the country was going to be safe.

Let us tell you, the number of deaths due to corona virus in America is increasing. Due to this deadly virus, more than 42 thousand people have died in the US and about eight lakh people are infected. US President Donald Trump appears in a hurry to unlock the country.

In the US, 1433 people have died in the last 24 hours, a record. So far there has been no death from corona in any country. This information is given by Johns Hopkins University.

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