Former US President Barack Obama said - Biden can become America's troubleshooter in difficult times
Former US President Barack Obama on Tuesday formally endorsed Joe Biden's bid for the presidency, saying Biden could become a troubleshooter in America's difficult times. Biden served as Vice President for a long time during Obama's reign.

He said that Joe Biden has long experience and character that he can guide us through our difficult times and be a troubleshooter during long-term recovery. He said, "I believe that whatever qualities are necessary to become president right now, they are."

Opposition Democratic Party potential presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the Alaska primary election. The vote was held in Alaska via e-mail on Friday after the postponement of direct voting due on April 4 due to the Corona epidemic. According to the official Twitter handle of the Democratic Party's Alaska unit, Biden received 55.3 percent of the total votes cast. Former Vice President Biden received the support of nine of the state's 15 representatives.

Sanders was endorsed by eight delegates with 44.7 percent of the vote. Biden has urged Sanders supporters to join his election campaign. He has previously managed to garner the support of other rivals Bharatvanshi Kamala Harris, Amy Klobacher and former Indiana Mayor Pete Betig.

Significantly, before this, US Senator Bernie Sanders distanced himself from the presidential race in the US election last Wednesday. The US presidential election is scheduled in November. This then cleared the path of Joe Biden as the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party's two leading candidates were Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. In the beginning, there was a tough fight between Biden and Sanders. Now on behalf of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden will challenge the Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump.

After Bernie Sanders announced his presidential nomination from the race, Joe Biden said - you have not only waged a political campaign, but you have created a movement. It is a movement that is as powerful today as it was yesterday. This is good for our country and our future.