Global experts warn that if the lockdown lasts less than 10 weeks, the situation will worsen

Global experts warned that if the lockdown less than 10 weeks, the situation will be worse
India currently has a 40-day lockdown in two stages to prevent corona virus infection and people are waiting as early as May 3 to end the lockdown in the country, but the world's leading medical journal editor- In-chief Lancet Richard Horton says India should not rush to remove the lockdown, but the lockdown should be done for at least 10 weeks.

Currently the second phase of lockout is underway in India which will end on 3 May. People expect the lockout to end from May 3.
However, in an exclusive conversation with India Today TV, Richard Horton suggested that India should not be in a hurry to remove the lockdown and should consider the lockdown for at least 10 weeks.

Sickness will end by itself: Richard Horton

Richard Horton said that this epidemic is not sustainable in any country. It will end on its own. Work is being done in the right direction to control the virus in our country.

He said that if the lockdown in India is successful, you will see that this epidemic will surely end in 10 weeks. If at the end of it, the virus stops, then things can return to normal again.

Richard Horton said in an exclusive conversation that it is true that the situation is not normal. We have to maintain physical distance. We have to wear masks. In addition, one has to be very cautious about hygiene in private.

Lockdown continues for as long as possible: Richard Horton

Reacting to how the lockout in India will end soon, he said, 'I understand that you will have to resume economic activity, but please do not rush for it. If you lift the lockdown in a hurry, you will have a second stage of the disease which may be worse than the first stage. He said that everyone wants to go to work, but I appeal to you not to hurry.

He said that in such cases you have to go through the initial stages of your lockdown. You have spent a lot of time and effort in your lockdown. Do not waste it. Continue this as much as possible. Stir for at least 10 weeks.

Citing the example of China, Richard Horton described how a 10-week aggressive lockdown prevented the transmission of the disease to Wuhan (where the corono virus originated) in China.

He said that Wuhan behaved very aggressively about the lockdown and locked itself there from January 23 to the first week of April, eliminating the possibility of the virus spreading. They are becoming normal now. In fact, all epidemiological models show that they need to do so because it is the nature of the virus. It spreads quickly in the population if you do not physically maintain distance then it will not be good for you.

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