Good news: a nine-month-old baby wins the corona in six days, fixes on the shortest day

A nine-month-old Corona-infected child admitted to the state-run Doon Medical Hospital in Dehradun has won the battle against Corona in six days. This child has become the shortest time patient from Corona in Uttarakhand. Earlier, an apprentice IFS was recovered from Corona in seven days. Hospital deputy MS and Corona's State Co-ordinator Drs. NS Khatri said that the child is being discharged after two reports are consistently negative.

Breast milk is very useful in fighting infection.

Please tell that Corona, the father of a nine-month-old child who returned from the Jamaat in Bhagat Singh Colony of Dehradun, was found infected. After this, the child was also admitted to Doon Hospital on 17 April due to deteriorating health.

Subsequently, his mother was also released to the center. The mother sample came up negative in the investigation.

Nodal Officer of Corona of Doon Hospital and HOD Pulmonologist of Respiratory Diseases Department, Drs. Anurag Aggarwal said that the corona sample of the child's mother was also sent for examination.

The PPE kit was also made available at both times and the mother's test report came back negative. Nevertheless, on humanitarian grounds, the mother was kept in the hospital with the child. The mother was also provided with a PPE kit.

Dr. Aggarwal told that during this time the child continued to drink mother's milk. He told that mother's milk has a lot of ability to fight infection. This may possibly be one of the reasons for the child's early recovery.

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