How to watch Joel Osteen's Easter service with Kanye West Live

How to watch Joel Osteen's Easter service with Kanye West Live
Joel Osteen is hosting his Easter service this upcoming Sunday (April 12) with a social distancing spin. The famous televisionlist will virtually lead his congregation, and he will have some guests helping him. Kanye West will almost join Osteen for the "Done Is Alive" Easter service, along with Tyler Perry and Mariah Carey. The rapper's upcoming appearance is his second time teaming up with Osteen in the West; He brought his Sunday service series to Osteen's megachurch in Houston last Sunday.

The service for Carrie Osteen, the TMZ reports Coronauras arrived about paying homage to her song "Hero" to first responders, while Perry plans to offer the audience words of encouragement and positivity, and West on his Sunday Will bring service singers. Provide music for the service form of Los Angeles. If you are having a Sunday vacation or just want to see famous guests, here's how you can watch Osteen's virtual Easter service.

When is "Hope Alive" Easter Service?

Osteen's star-studded service takes place on Easter Sunday, April 12. He is organizing it for an audience at his church, Lakdu Church in Houston, Texas.

What time is the "Hope is alive" Easter service?

On Sunday, Osteen will host his Easter service twice: 8:30 am to 7:30 pm and 11 am to 10 am. Both live streaming. His church will also provide a Spanish Easter service at 2 pm / 1c.

How to see "Hope is alive" Easter service:

You can stream Osteen's April 12 service across multiple platforms. He will host the "Hope is Alive" service on the Lakewood website, Facebook, Youtube and SiriusXM Radio. You can also stream it on Osteen's Roku channel and Apple TV.