In the UK, Corona recorded 888 deaths with 15464 claims but a decrease in hospitalized patients.

In the UK, Corona recorded 888 deaths with 15464 claims but a decrease in hospitalized patients.
Corona has caused havoc in Britain. By Saturday evening, the number of people who died due to coronovirus infection in the UK has risen to 15,464, with 888 deaths. The UK Health Ministry wrote on its website, "As of 5 pm on 17 April, 15,464 people admitted to hospitals have died due to coronovirus infection."

However, it is considered a relief for the UK that new cases of corona infection are reducing the number of critically ill patients. According to a report published in CNN, the number of seriously ill people from Corona has decreased in UK hospitals. National Medical Director of NHS England in the UK Stephen Pavis said that the rate of coronovirus infection in the country was showing stability and that Kovid 19 saw a decline in the number of emergency hospitalizations. Povis said that Kovid is seeing a decrease in 19 inpatient hospitals.

According to John Hopkins University, there have been 115299 cases of infection in the UK so far, while 15497 people have died.

Apart from Britain, Saturday was also heavy for France for Corona. 642 patients died of corona virus infection in France on Saturday. These deaths occurred in various hospitals and nursing homes in the last 24 hours. Due to the new deaths from Corona, the death toll in France has so far been 19323. However, there has been a decline in the number of patients in hospitals in France. The most affected countries in Europe are Italy and Spain in first and second place. The figure has risen to 23227 with 482 deaths due to coronavirus in Italy on Saturday. While the death toll in Spain has increased to 20043. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has extended the lockdown period in the country until 9 May.

2.3 million people in the world are infected with corona, more than half of which are from Europe. The Corona epidemic has recorded 11,15,555 cases of infection in Europe, with 97,985 deaths.

In Iran, the number of consecutive deaths is running into the tens. On Saturday, the figure reached 5031 with 73 deaths in Iran. It is being told that the Iranian government has allowed small businesses to work in the capital Tehran again.

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