Italy: Industries will open from May 4

Italy: Industries will open from May 4
Italy: Industries will open from May 4, people will be able to go to park-relatives, but school-bars will not open
Italy, Europe's first infected country, has decided to ease the lockdown. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Sunday that the process of starting the economy in the country would soon begin in Italy. He said, from May 4, the industry will be open in the country. Apart from this, construction works will also start. However, he has made it clear that the schools will remain closed until September.

The Italian Prime Minister while addressing the country said, "People will be able to visit the parks from May 4". They will be allowed to go to their relatives' homes. Apart from this, people will also be able to attend the funeral. On March 21, a maximum of 6557 cases were reported in Italy.

Now it is gradually reduced to 2300.

26 thousand dead in Italy so far

So far 26 thousand people have died due to Corona virus in Italy. On Sunday, 260 people died here. However, this is the lowest number of deaths in a day since 14 March. On Saturday, 415 people died here.

Schools will be closed until September

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told that a lot of construction work will start from the beginning of May. However, people just have to wait for bars and restaurants. Schools will also be closed until September.

He said, we are constantly working to allow everything from trade to construction.

Some services will open from May 18

The Prime Minister said, from May 18, stores, museums and sports teams can start training. However, restaurants, cafes and hair salons will open from 1 June.

Must follow these rules

Also, the PM made it clear, masks would have to be installed in public places. Also, the rules of social distinction have to be followed. He said, we cannot proceed with this lockdown. This is causing social and economic damage.

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