Jinping talks to Putin, Russia and China will jointly fight Corona

Jinping talks to Putin, Russia and China will jointly fight Corona
To get its economy back on track, China is not backing down from talking to any country in the world and talking about support, cooperation and support on its behalf. He is ready to help on all platforms of the world except America, India, Pakistan. In this series, now Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the second time. Reminding the strength and tradition of relations between the two countries, Jinping also offered to buy his medical kit and security equipment to deal with the covid-19 crisis before Russia.

Xi Jinping said that while China was struggling with the Corona crisis, Russia fully supported it. China and Russia are connected by rivers and mountains and the two countries have been allies and allies since the beginning. Russia is currently grappling with the threat of covid-19 and being a neighbor and friend, China is ready to help in every way. Jinping praised Putin, saying that he was confident that Russia under his leadership would get rid of this crisis soon. He said that Putin is personally taking several effective steps to save Russia from covid-19.

He told that the team of medical experts sent by China is working very seriously in Moscow and there is a constant talk between the two leaders about how China has soon recovered itself from this crisis and how Russia can do the same Can. can do. China and Russia together can get rid of this crisis as soon as possible.

Politics is not good on global epidemic

Xi Jinping's campaign to politicize Corona and blame China for this is inaccurate, saying such efforts are currently going to undermine the global war against Corona. If you want Russia and China together, you can get rid of this global crisis soon. Describing his bilateral trade with Russia as better, he said that trade between the two countries grew by 3.4 per cent in the first quarter and would increase further in the coming years.

China's GDP fell sharply in the first quarter

Corona's influence is clearly visible on China's economy. The epidemic in the first quarter caused China's GDP to register 20.65 trillion yuan ($ 2.91 trillion), down 6.8 percent from the previous quarter. These figures were released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Friday. According to the data, this decline has been recorded due to lack of work in the services sector. The services sector accounts for 60 per cent of the country's economy, which has come down by 5.2 per cent this quarter.

According to NBS, the situation is slowly improving due to the measures taken to prevent the epidemic and the employment sector is also seeing improvement.

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