Many states descended against lockdown

Many states descended against lockdown
Many states descended against lockdown! People came out on the streets with rifles in their hands

Due to the corona virus, many countries of the world, including India, have been instructed to be under lockout and at home, but now this work is being overshadowed by the government. Because in many states protesting the lockout, people took to the streets with rifles in their hands. This incident is from America where mass protests are taking place.

There are reports that USA, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Utah, North Carolina, Ohio are states where people have lodged protests. Some opposing states have Republican governors, while some are raising the issue of adverse effects on the economy due to the demonstrative lockdown of the Democratic Party.

In fact, many people in America have become unemployed due to the corona virus. In such a situation, people are facing difficulties in extracting and running the expenses of the month. At the same time, the Trump government has also announced $ 1200 financial aid to the American people.

Let us tell you that US President Donald Trump has also been against market shutdown and lockout. At the same time, on Friday, Trump tweeted and supported his anti-lockout demonstration in the states. Trump Liberate Minnessa! Lively Michigan! The word LIBERATE used like VIRGINIA. At the same time, some protesters protesting the lockdown reached Michigan with their rifles. Initially, in Lansing, protesters sat in cars and blocked traffic. Later, coming out of the cars and also performing.

One mentor, Tom Hughey, said that I understand how important the virus is, but we are closing a lot. At the same time, the Nurses Association of Michigan called the demonstration an irresponsible action.

Protesters in Minnesota said they are protesting over the worsening financial situation and other issues, including depression. He said that we feel that we can go to work, fighting Corona.

In Utah, protesters described the ban imposed by the governor as unconstitutional. A local Republican leader said that the government had gone far beyond its jurisdiction in the name of protecting Americans from the virus.

Explain that America is badly affected by Corona virus. More than 7 lakh 10 thousand people have been infected here. At the same time, more than 37 thousand people have died.

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