NASA shared a stunning picture of India, which never happened

NASA shared a stunning picture of India, which never happened
The corona virus is spread in almost all countries of the world. According to the figures so far, one lakh 80 thousand people in the world have lost their lives due to this virus. At the same time, lockout continues in many countries to prevent this infection. Due to the lockdown, vehicular movement is negligible, most factories are closed and people are leaving their homes for necessary tasks.

This lockdown is helping fight the spread of the corona virus, as well as its staggering impact on the environment. Pollution levels have come down sharply due to the lockout. As soon as the pollution problem in India has ended, the US space agency NASA has also shared the satellite's picture and confirmed it.

NASA has released a satellite image saying that pollution levels in India have reduced. The lockout has been going on in India since 25 March and about 130 crore people living here are in their homes. Flight of factory, car, bus, truck, train, aircraft is closed due to lockdown in the country. After stopping these activities, the image of India captured by NASA's satellite sensors is staggering. According to NASA, the level of air pollution is the lowest level in North India. NASA has said that satellite data shows that airborne particulate matter levels have dropped significantly in North India since the beginning of the ongoing lockdown for the corona virus.

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