North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's life in danger; condition worsens after operation

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's life in danger; condition worsens after operation
North Korean dictator Kim Jong is suffering from a serious illness these days and his surgery has brought him between life and death. CNN gave this information in its report citing a US official.

Allegedly, Kim Jong Un's birthday was on April 15, but Kim did not attend the ceremony, prompting speculation about the North Korean leader's health. Kim Jong Un was seen at a government meeting four days ago and has not had any views on him since.

Meanwhile, sources in the South Korean government have claimed that medical speculation about Kim Jong Un is false. According to Reuters, the South Korean government says Kim Jong is not seriously ill.

His absence from official state media often fueled rumors about his health. North Korea has no independent press, which can write or speak openly to those who lead the country. Kim last appeared in the North Korean media on 11 April. On April 15, North Korea's most special day when Kim's grandfather and the country's founder Kim Il Sung's birthday, Kim appeared nowhere.

Bruce Klingner, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former CIA deputy division chief of North Korea, said that a lot of rumors have recently surfaced about Kim's health (smoking, heart and brain diseases). If Kim is hospitalized, it will be told why he was not present at such an important function on 15 April.

He further said that rumors have surfaced about Kim Jong Un and his father after many years. For now, we have to wait and see how much truth there is in them.

In 2008, Kim Jong Un's father Kim Jong Il did not attend North Korea's 6th anniversary celebrations. At that time rumors about his health had cropped up. However, it was later revealed that he had a stroke, after which his condition worsened and he died in 2011.

At the same time, Kim Jong-un stayed away from public eye for more than a month in 2014, after which speculation about his health started. A month later, when he appeared, South Korean intelligence agencies said that Kim had removed a crest from her ankle, which she was comfortable with.

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