Odd effects of corona: two Chinese doctors change skin color after liver damage

Odd effects of corona: two Chinese doctors changed skin after liver damage
Two doctors Yi Fan and Hu Weifang were infected with the epidemic while treating Corona patients in Wuhan. Covid-19 may have worsened the liver of these doctors, but a strange effect was seen on their skin. The skin color of these two has turned black. However, the condition of both doctors is already improving. The doctors caring for him said that his skin turned black due to changes in hormones. Significantly, Doctor Who Weifang has been a member of the Corona infection reporting team.

Dr. Yi Fan and Hu Weifang were admitted to the hospital on 18 January. Yi Fan is a cardiologist and he defeated Corona within 39 days. However, in the meantime, they were placed on a life support system.

Doctor Yi told that he is much better than before. He told that he can go to bed easily but still has trouble walking. He told the media that corona is a very dangerous disease, when he came to know about corona infection, he was very scared.

Doctor Yi Fan said that they have started adopting psychological methods to fight the corona. He has also asked other doctors for his counseling. Now Doctor Yi is now in the general ward. However, Dr. Hu Weifang's situation is not yet as good.

Dr. Hu is a urologist and has been in bed for 99 days. He is placed in the ICU, he is in the same hospital where Drs. Hu is admitted. Dr. Lee suspects that the skin color of these two doctors has turned black due to the drugs given at the beginning of treatment.

They believe that as soon as the liver of these two doctors is cured, perhaps the skin color of both will also be cured.

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