PM Modi said with increasing lockdown, definitely download Arogya Setu App

Arogya Setu App
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has today appealed to the countrymen to participate in the war against the corona virus with the announcement of the closure of the Arogya Setu mobile app for 19 more days. PM Modi has said that to help prevent the spread of corona virus infection, download this app on every small and big mobile.

PM Modi's appeal

In his nation's address at 10 am on Tuesday, PM Modi appealed to the countrymen to "download the Arogya Setu mobile app to help prevent the spread of corona infection. Others too to download this app Inspire. " Earlier, PM Modi wrote. The Twitter handle stated the importance of the Arogya Setu mobile app, saying, 'This app is an important step in our fight against Kovid-19.

With the help of technology it gives very important information. The more people use it, the more effective it will be. '

Effective Mobile App for Corona for Action

The Arogya Setu App can prove to be able to tell you how safe you are from the corona virus. For this this app uses the location data of your mobile number, your mobile and Bluetooth. Through this app, you can self-assess symptoms of corona infection, in addition, very important information related to Kovid-19 and all important helpline numbers are given.

Arogya Setu app will alert you

The specialty of this app is that as soon as someone infected with corona comes around you, it will alert you. This app has been prepared by NIC under Public-Private Partnership. The Arogya Setu App uses a social graph, which shows the range of low and high risk. A low risk category means that you are safe and stay at home. However, being at high risk means that this app will notify you to visit the testing center.