Preparation of elimination of corona by yoga and meditation

Preparation of elimination of corona by yoga and meditation
Preparation of elimination of corona by yoga and meditation, task force was also formed to find a cure from Ayurveda

The government is also preparing to test the powers of yoga and meditation to combat corona and other such viruses. For this, proposals have been sought from scientists, practitioners and experienced people in the field of yoga and meditation. The proposal has been invited under the Yoga and Meditation (Satyam) program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. A call for proposal in this regard has been uploaded on the website of Department of Science and Technology.

Evidence of measures provided

According to this proposal, the proposal will mention the goal and purpose of the process of yoga and meditation, the available booklet evidence on it, its process, anticipated results, the required budget and information about the institution that conducts it, as well as its main As the instructor's bio-data will have to be given. Also, information related to research published in a science journal has to be attached. It said that the proposal should have knowledge of projects capable of boosting immunity, improving respiratory system and correcting respiratory problems.

Cognitive science program

Not only this, proposals have also been sought for effective procedures to overcome problems such as stress, depression and anxiety caused by isolation, uncertainty and general lifestyle changes. It said, 'The objective of this initiative is to help the society in the present complex situation. This is a proposed proposal for immediate needs, so this proposal should be completed in six to 12 months. 'Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Ashutosh Sharma said that Satyam is a cognitive science program.

Corona affects in three ways

Sharma said, 'Corona has three aspects. These are stress (due to anxiety and sitting at home), effects on the respiratory system and immune system. In the proposal, it is necessary that the process of yoga or meditation, which is described, has been studied scientifically. Many times we see some results from what we do, but we have to understand them on a scientific basis. 'He said that physicians, scientists and trainees should work together to understand whether a process is effective using existing means of life sciences and biosciences. If effective, how effective is it and under what circumstances is it affected.

Task Force formed to find a cure from Ayurveda

Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Yesso Naik said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has constituted a task force for scientific study of the effect of Ayurveda and traditional medicines for the treatment of corona. The authenticity of these drugs will be tested through institutions such as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The government has received 2,000 such proposals, most of which have been sent to ICMR and other research institutes for testing.