Recent Coronavirus figures provide a 'glimpse of hope' in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon

Recent Coronavirus figures provide a 'glimpse of hope' in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon
The Interim Medical Officer of the Peel Region's Department of Health said the recent COVID-19 case figures are presenting "silver linings" that the curve may increase in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.

Dr. According to Lawrence Loh, while it is very important that residents remain on course and continue to follow physical disturbances and self-isolation guidelines, proliferation-mitigation measures have a positive effect.

"To an extent we are seeing community broadcasting somewhat slow, which is really positive and speaks to continuing to reduce our importance in the least amount of time to continue our physical importance to our health care system To catch up "said in an interview.

"I think there is hope that the physical measures taken out in mid-March have started to bear fruit. However, it is not so for licensing, and we really want people to stay at home (and) only Necessary reasons (eg) exercise, groceries, emergence for pharmacies or medical attention is required, ”he said.

Loh emphasized the importance of showing symptoms or staying home, and returning those traveling abroad, or those living separately from Canada for 14 days, feeling ill.

"We are seeing right now - while matters are beginning to follow as expected - we are still seeing an increase in deaths, and we are seeing increasing severity in our health care system," he said.

As of 10 am on Wednesday, April 15, Peel Health confirmed 25 deaths and 1,156 cases related to COVID-19, with 622 in Mississauga, 482 in Brampton and 45 in Caledon, with seven more details pending.

Despite the increasing number of cases in the overall area, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has given DRS. During a council meeting held via Far Video and Audio on Wednesday, Loh said the rate of new infections has slowed in terms of percentage growth, while sharing measured optimism.

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