Relief for thousands of Indians living in US

Relief for thousands of Indians living in US
Relief for thousands of Indians living in US, extension of eight months for H-1B visa holders

Thousands of H-1 visa holders living in the US are relieved. The US government has extended the visa for eight months. There is a ban on flights due to the corona virus, so the US government has decided to extend the visa. Those whose visa is expiring, they have been given eight months relief.

A statement issued by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that non-immigrants can apply for their visa extension, given the immigration-related challenges caused by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The US government recently asked companies to terminate the services of employees with H-1B visas.

After which India urged the US to extend the H-1B and other visa period of its citizens till the corona virus epidemic is over. According to the Foreign Ministry, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla raised the issue with US Secretary of State Stephen Began.

The opposition party Congress also raised this issue. The Congress stated that 3,09,986 Indians are working on H-1B visas. Now 75 thousand Indian citizens are facing crisis on their jobs. Surjewala urged the Prime Minister to negotiate with the US government to ensure that in case of job loss, the tenure of H-1B should be extended to 180 days instead of 60 days so that the person concerned would get an alternative job. So to receive.

The H-1B is a non-migrant visa, which allows US companies to employ foreign professionals in certain occupations. As per the rules, these visa holders are required to leave the US with their family within 60 days of leaving the job. Let us tell you that three lakh Indians are working on H-1B visa in America. If their current company expels them from work, they will have to find another job within 60 days to retain their H-1B visa.