Research on deaths from Corona revealed, these five big reasons came out

Research on deaths from Corona revealed, these five big reasons came out
Coronation of coronation patients continues and the number of fast deaths remains a matter of concern. Currently more than 1.5 million people worldwide are vulnerable to the virus, while more than 1.40 lakh people have died. In America alone, more than 37 thousand people have lost their lives. However, more than 5.74 lakh people have been cured worldwide. The virus is having a different effect on everyone but the five leading causes of deaths are common. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the death rate of men has been high. At the same time, 63 per cent admitted to ICU was overweight.

Age: Danger on those above 55 years of age

People over the age of 55 die more. Due to age, the body's immunity weakens. The infection affects the lungs as well as the heart and brain, leading to death.

Gender: 68 percent of men die in Italy

Men die more due to corona. In Italy, 53 percent of the men were infected but among them the death rate was 68 percent. In Greece the figure was 55 but the death rate is 72 percent. Scientists also believe that men are not cautious about the virus, which caused it.

Health: Be cautious even in liver and kidney disease

Prof. of the Department of Respiratory Diseases of Imperial College, London. Fan Chung explains that people who have lung, asthma, heart, diabetes, liver and kidney problems are more at risk. One has to be careful with such people.

Obesity: cause two-thirds of deaths in Britain

An audit by Britain's National Health Service (NHS) showed that obesity was the cause of death of two-thirds of infected patients. 63 percent of patients admitted to the ICU were obese or overweight. French infectious disease specialist Drs. Jean-Fran├žois advises obese people to be vigilant in an epidemic.

Immunity: A Little Negligence Is Heavy

The virus dominates as the body's immune system weakens. It is also a major cause of death of corona patients. This type of discomfort occurs in a person with cancer and smoking. People suffering from serious diseases take special care of themselves. A little carelessness can increase difficulty.

Perfect routine is required, do not skip the medicine at all

Sarah Jones of Monash University, Australia, says people suffering from any serious illness should not give up their medication. The corona can be protected if normal routines are followed properly. Nutritious food should be included in your diet. For yoga and meditation, one must take some time in the morning. Engage yourself in creative activities. It is also necessary to get adequate sleep.

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