Taking less sleep can weaken the immune system, increase stress

Taking less sleep can weaken the immune system, increase stress
There is a lockdown in the entire country to prevent the corona virus. Due to the lockdown, many people are also doing work from home. During this time, they stay in contact with the laptop screen or their mobile phone for many hours. Even after the work is over, some people keep scrolling mobile, due to which they have a lot of trouble sleeping. Sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning shift often do not make people sleep, which not only has a direct impact on their face and temperament but also weakens their immunity power. But do you know less gold loss. Come to NDTV, know the disadvantages of sleeping less

Immunity affects the system badly:

Experts believe that if you sleep less then immunity can be reduced significantly.

However, many other reasons can be responsible for the weak immunity.

Sexual disorder:

The lack of sleep can also have a direct effect on people's sexual ability. Actually, it is due to testosterone hormone that women and men have the desire to have sex. When you sleep, the testosterone level increases.

Memory is weak:

People sleeping less affects their mental health. It also directly affects their memory. People's long term memory is affected and they start forgetting things very quickly.

Decision making ability is affected:

Sleeping less can affect your decision-making ability. Many times you may have felt that you are not able to take a quick decision about anything and even after taking the decision, you are not sure about it. Due to less sleep, people often get confused while taking decisions.

May increase stress:

Less sleep has a direct effect on our mental health. Actually, sleeping keeps the mind fresh and full of energy. But when sleep is not complete, the brain also does not feel fresh. This is the reason why less sleep can increase stress.