Germany sent bill of 149 billion euros

The world behind China, Germany sent bill of 149 billion euros
Along with the health crisis, the corona virus epidemic is now causing a global deadlock. All the countries of the world are telling China's conspiracy behind the virus. The US has openly threatened, and now Germany has also demanded heavy losses from China. That is, the world has fallen behind China, which is considered the father of Corona.

Germany is blaming China for spreading the corona virus, like many European countries besides the US. So far, about one and a half million corona cases have been reported in Germany and more than 4500 people have died here.

Germany ranks fifth among Corona-affected countries after the US, Italy, Spain and France. That is, in Germany, Corona has caused much destruction. Enraged by this devastation, Germany has asked China to settle the account.

Germany told how much damage

Germany has sent a bill of 149 billion euros to China to make up for the damage caused by the corona virus. Of this, 27 billion euro tourism, 7.2 billion euro film industry, German airlines and small business losses bill, 50 billion euro bill has been sent to China.

That is, Germany has counted all its losses due to the corona virus, and has also sent its bill to China. Where Germany has sent the bill, the US is ready to send the investigation team. At a White House press conference on Sunday, US President Donald Trump said that Corona started in Wuhan and we are not happy with China. Trump said that the United States is investigating whether this deadly virus was produced from China's lab. For this we want to go to China and understand what has happened.

Earlier, Donald Trump had said that if China was found responsible for spreading the corona virus, it should be remembered that it would suffer the consequences. However, China is repeatedly cleaning up. Even the accused in charge of Wuhan's laboratory has said that this virus cannot be produced.

However, China is under siege. In particular, the target of Europe and America is China, where this deadly virus has caused the most devastation. Corona has killed more than 1 lakh 65 thousand people all over the world and over one lakh of them have died in European countries. At the same time, Britain is also not explicitly denying the role of China. In such a situation, China, which was the center of Corona, is now coming under target of the world.

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