Trump news: Trump accuses WHO of misleading America

Trump news: Trump accuses WHO of misleading America
Trump news: Trump accuses WHO of misleading America

US President Donald Trump has again reacted sharply to the World Health Organization (WHO). He called the WHO a 'puppet of China's hands'. Trump said the US would come up with some recommendations about WHO first and then a similar move would be taken about China. Trump said on the WHO about the Corona virus epidemic that "they must have misled us."

Trump said that "we will come up with a recommendation soon, but we are not happy with the World Health Organization." Trump has launched an investigation into the role of the WHO in the spread of the corona virus (Kovid-19) and accused the organization of favoring China during the epidemic.

Pending the investigation, the president has also halted US aid to the WHO. This investigation will look into the role of China and will also find out how the corona virus spread in Wuhan city of China.

Trump was asked, "What are you expected to know about China and the World Health Organization from the investigation launched with intelligence agencies?" Trump said that "We are not happy with this and we contribute the most to WHO and they have misled us. I don't know. They should have known more than what they knew." The President said that we know things he did not know and what he did not know, or he did not tell us, or now you know WHO is a puppet in China's hands. This is my point.

Trump said that the US provides US $ 40–50 million to aid the WHO and China gives $ 38 million to the US. Nevertheless WHO is working for China. They should have known what was going on and they should have been able to stop it. The President said that there are many different people and groups, to which America can give this money and they will be very useful. Trump said that "you talk about preventing or preventing the spread of the disease, which should have stopped there (in China). China allowed the planes to go out of the country, but not in China itself." was allowed. "

The president said that "they allowed the planes to go out and the planes are coming out of Wuhan. They are going around the world. They are going to Italy, but they themselves are not going to China." Trump said that his administration would come up with a very clear recommendation. There was nothing positive about what happened in China on this subject and China could stop the virus right there.

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