Trump ordered an attack on this country, saying - destroy it

Even in the midst of the Corona crisis, the Iran-American conflict is not stopping. The US has given an open hand to its army to attack Iran. In fact, US President Donald Trump has ordered the country's navy to end Iran's ships if they come close. Explain that the dispute between the US and Iran increased when Iran's top general Qasim Suleimani was killed in the US attack. Since then there have been missile strikes between the two countries.

Trump orders US Navy to attack Iranian ship

The dispute between the US and Iran once again came in front of the world. The heat of tension between the two countries, which are constantly attacking each other, remains in the midst of a global crisis.

Tweeted and said, if the Iranian ship is upset, do it

In this episode, a tweet from President Donald Trump on Wednesday made the situation more serious when he ordered the US Navy to destroy Iran's ship. "I have ordered the US Navy that if the Iranian navy harasses them at sea, they should attack their ship and destroy all Iranian ships," Trump wrote.

Controversy over US Navy ship and Iranian boat coming close to sea

Trump recently ordered 11 Navy Vessels of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy to be brought closer to the US Navy ship in the Gulf of Iran. Explain that the ships of the two countries had come so close to each other at sea that a situation had formed between them.

Video also surfaced:

According to the information, the Iranian Navy was conducting an exercise in Kuwait, while a US Navy ship was also present. A video of this was also released, in which the machine gun in the Iranian boat is seen targeting it as soon as it comes close to the US Navy ship.

Iran's foreign minister Javed Zarif has targeted Trump

At the same time, Iran alleged that American Vessels are blocking their way. Attacking Trump, Iran's Foreign Minister Javed Zarif wrote on a tweet that the US should stop sabotaging others in the country's affairs. Especially in our case.

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