Trump's big claim - America has gone through possibly the worst phase of the corona virus epidemic

Trump's big claim - America has gone through possibly the worst phase of the corona virus epidemic
US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the American Corona Virus (Kovid-19) has gone through the worst phase of the pandemic and has put the country in a very strong position to finalize new guidelines on social distance. . More than 6.3 million Americans have been found infected with Kovid-19 so far, and as of Wednesday, nearly 28,000 people have died, the highest number of any country in the world. "The fight continues, but statistics show that we have exceeded the maximum number of new cases nationally," Trump told reporters at his daily press conference at the White House on the corona virus.

Hopefully this will continue and we will keep progressing.

He said that due to these encouraging developments, we have come into a very strong position to finalize the guidelines of the states to reopen the country. These new steps will be announced on Thursday. Members of the White House Task Force on Corona Virus, Drs. Deborah Brix said that the number of new cases has dropped across the country in the last five or six days. He said, "It is comforting for us." Also, we know that the number of dead and infected people across America will continue. '':

He said that there are less than 1000 new cases in nine states and less than 30 new cases every day. States such as California, Washington and Oregon have never had a bad phase as people have worked hard to reduce new cases there. He reported that New York City previously had the highest number of cases and is now increasing cases from the Boston area. Dr. BRICS reiterated that it is a highly contagious virus. There is always a danger in social gatherings and a person can spread the virus unknowingly without the symptoms coming together. He said, "No one intentionally spreads the virus. We know that if you are sick, you will stay home. Follow the guidelines issued from the President's office. We appreciate the effort of the American people."

Describing the horrific time of seeing so many deaths and losses in the country, the President said that the progress of medical and health care in America will continue. The United States developed the fastest and most accurate testing system than any country in the world and has screened over 3.3 million people. "So far we have approved 48 different investigations of the corona virus and the FDA is working with 300 companies and laboratories to further enhance our capacity". Is working on developing.

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