US claimed Remdesivir is magic drug for Corona

US claimed Remdesivir is magic drug for Corona
US claimed Remdesivir is magic drug for Corona

Top experts and top medical institutions around the world are engaged in the manufacture of corona virus medicines and vaccines. Despite this, the possibility of vaccine arrival by the end of this year is not visible at the moment. But a news for the world suffering the devastation of the Corona epidemic is raising hopes of relief. The anti-viral drug remodevir is believed to be effective in the treatment of corona virus.

American scientists say the antiviral drug remodevir has shown shocking results. The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that the drug remadivir was being used as an experiment on patients with corona, which has its benefits.

Doctor Anthony Fossey has stated that despite conflicting reports on the success of Remedesvir, it has been proven that this drug is eradicating the corona virus. He said that the trial of Remedesvir opened the door to possible treatment for the corona.

Remadecivir may prevent corona

Advisor to US President Donald Trump, Dr. Fossey announced the success of the drug in the White House. He said that statistics show that Remedisavir drug is very clear, effective and positively impacting. Dr. Fossey reported that Rimadkivir was tested on 1063 people at 68 locations in the US, Europe and Asia, which showed that the drug rimedesivir could prevent the corona virus. This test failed. But Dr. Fossey's statement has now raised hope among doctors who are treating corona around the world as the World Health Organization has also described trials of treatment with Remedacivir as limited.

More than 32 lakh people infected so far

So far, more than 3.2 million people worldwide have been infected with the corona epidemic, while more than 2.28 million people have died. The highest number of deaths in the world has been caused by Corona's havoc in America. So, about the American drug Remedisvir, Dr. Fossey claims relief for the world. It has been found in several reports that Remedesavir has cured critically ill corona patients. In the US, 125 Corona patients were given Remedisivir medicine in which 123 people were cured.

However, Remedisavir has not yet been approved by the US Department of Food and Drugs nor is it considered an effective treatment for the treatment of patients with corona virus. The report published in The Lancet states that there has been no reduction in corona mortality from remodevir, nor have there been any better improvement in patients after taking this drug. In such a situation, some further reports are awaited with Remadecivir in the coming week to conclude conclusions about treatment with the corona virus.

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