US President Donald Trump halts WHO funding, world leaders react to it

US President Donald Trump has directed his administration to temporarily shut down the World Health Organization (WHO) to deal with the corona virus epidemic. Trump said that the WHO has failed in its core duty and should be held accountable. He said it promoted China's misinformation about the virus, which has led to widespread outbreaks.

The United States is the largest donor to the Geneva-based WHO. In 2019, it contributed more than $ 400 million, which was about 15 percent of its budget. Therefore, Trump's move sparked a rapid and furious response worldwide.

Guterres said the WHO has "no time" to reduce resources for its operations. He said that now is the time for unity and the international community will have to work in solidarity and brotherhood to stop this virus and its devastating consequences.

Dr., an infectious disease specialist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Amesh Adalja said that Trump's move amid the epidemic sends the wrong message. He said the WHO made mistakes as it delayed the response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2013 and 2014. He said it may need improvement, but will need to be completed after the epidemic has passed. Adalja said the WHO collects information about which areas of the world the virus is active in, which need to help the United States make decisions about opening borders.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said that when we need to share information and give advice that we can trust, it is information provided by WHO. We will continue to support this and continue our contribution.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was sympathetic to WHO's criticisms of Trump. Specifically supports the reopening of China's "weight markets", where immediately slaughtered animals are sold and where the outbreak first appeared in Wuhan City late last year. But, he said that as an organization, WHO does many important work in our region, in the Pacific and we work closely with them.