Donald Trump's warning, if China is responsible for coronavirus, it will not be good for China

Warning of Donald Trump, if China is responsible for Coronavirus, then it will be bad for china
US President Donald Trump has threatened China with Coronavirus. President Trump has said that if China turns out to be responsible for the Corona crisis, it may have to bear the consequences.

"It could have been stopped in China itself."

Trump told reporters at the White House on Saturday that 'Coronavirus could have been intercepted in China. But this did not happen and now the whole world is facing this epidemic. '

The US president was asked whether China would have to bear the consequences of the epidemic that began in December from the Chinese city of Wuhan, and so far 157,000 people have died across the world.

At this, Trump said, "If he is intentionally responsible for this, it will be. And if it was a mistake, it is a mistake. But if he did it intentionally, then yes, he would have to suffer. The consequences." "

'America is also investigating'

Trump said the US is paying attention to the news that originated from Wuhan, a laboratory in the Chinese city of Coronavirus. China says that we are investigating this. Let us see what has been revealed in their investigation, but it is also being investigated from our side.

Earlier, Donald Trump tweeted that the number of people who died of corona in China actually exceeded the reported number. China has suddenly doubled the number of deaths from this unknown enemy, but it is much more than this. This is more than the death toll in America.

Let me tell you that more than 39 thousand people have died in America from Corona so far. Seven lakh 38 thousand people are infected. On Saturday, 1,867 deaths occurred, while 29 thousand 57 new cases of infection have been reported.

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