WHO issues such warning on removal of lockdown, warns 20 countries about corona

WHO issues such warning on removal of lockdown, warns 20 countries about corona
The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated in the context of the corona virus 'Kovid-19' that removal of lockdown is not the end of the epidemic, but it is from here that the next phase begins for which we should be prepared. Addressing the 'virtual' meeting of G-20 countries on Corona virus Kovid-19, the Director General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Gabreses said, "We are excited that many countries in the G20 group have relaxed social sanctions. It is important that this process is phased out.

Removing lockdown restrictions is not the end of an epidemic in one country, the beginning of the next phase. Tedros said that in the next phase, nations should educate their citizens to prevent the virus, they should participate and empower it.

They also have to be ready for quick response in case of virus outbreak. WHO has suggested that before the restrictions are relaxed, governments should ensure that they have adequate capacity to detect, investigate, monitor and care for each Kovid-19 patient and who come in contact with them. Identify each person. is. If the cases escalate then their health system should have complete facility to deal with them.

Significantly, cases of corona are increasing worldwide. With the arrival of 1,07,550 new cases of infection, the total corona cases have increased to 24,04,073, of which 16,14,144 are active cases. 1,66,117 people have died and 6,25,633 have recovered from Corona worldwide. On the other hand, cases of infection in America are increasing steadily. 7,64,265 cases have been reported so far. So far, 40,565 people have died due to this infection. There have been 1,98,674 cases of infection in Spain and 1,78,972 cases in Italy.

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