New warning on WHO's corona - 'Don't make a mistake, the virus will stay with you for a long time'

WHO's new warning on Corona - 'Don't mistake, the virus will stay with you for a long time'
The WHO has issued a new warning amid the worldwide havoc of coronaviruses. The WHO warns that the corona virus is going to stay with us for a long time. Earlier, the WHO warned that the corona virus would become more severe in the coming years. But the WHO has given this new warning about the constantly changing trend of the corona virus.

During the virtual press briefing, WHO Director General Tedros A. Gabries said, 'In many countries the epidemic is still at an early stage and cases have started to reappear from where the epidemic began. We have to go much further and ensure that there are no mistakes. This virus will stay with us for a long time.

The WHO has explicitly warned all countries that a single mistake or haste or negligence can be ignored as the corona virus has started back to where it originated and then to end it. A claim was also made.

The WHO gesture was clearly about Wuhan in China. The lockdown was lifted after new cases of coronovirus infection surfaced in Wuhan. But new cases of corona infection are coming again in Wuhan. Corona positive was confirmed in many patients who had recovered from Corona two months earlier. In this case, the trend in the world is changing in the case of Corona. People are not showing its symptoms, which can prove very dangerous in spreading the infection. The WHO had previously warned that a bad time would come in the world with the corona virus. WHO director Tedros compared the coronovirus infection to the 1918 Spanish flu that killed more than 10 million people. Tedros told the countries of the world to take precautions about removing the lockdown.

In fact, many countries in the world are relaxing or removing lockdowns. At this, the WHO warned that this haste should not cause serious consequences. The WHO had appealed to all countries of the world not to hurry to remove the lockdown. It said that governments would have to gradually overcome social distortions and lockdowns as there is a need to be vigilant to prevent Corona infection.

Many countries in Europe are slowly preparing to remove the lockdown. In fact, the biggest reason for this is that while thousands of people have died in every country from Corona, it has also affected the economy of millions.

So far more than 26 lakh people have been sick due to coronovirus infection in the world, while more than 1 lakh 82 thousand people have died.

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