Will Corona end in summer? Know the opinion of experts

Will Corona end in summer? Know the opinion of experts
With the onset of Corona Pandemic, there was a widespread perception among people that the epidemic would end with the rise of heat. It was believed that February and March are also normal flu seasons, so in the summer months like April-May, the corona will automatically end. Social media and WhatsApp messages played a strong role in reinforcing this belief. But now that the first week of April has passed and the corona virus is spreading, there is disappointment among the common people. But many researches have indicated that heat may have an effect on the corona. More deadly in cold places
Some such evidence has been found that the more deadly effect of corona virus is taking place in relatively cold and dry areas of the world.

A study believes that by March 10, there was a community transmission of the virus in the same areas which were relatively cold. In another study conducted in China, research has been done on about 100 cities of the country. This study said that in areas where the temperature and humidity were high, the rate of infection was slow. Wuhan city of China is also considered a cold city. From this city, the corona epidemic has spread all over the world.

Big outbreak ban

Another study says that it is true that the corona virus has spread worldwide but a large number of outbreaks are occurring in cold places. But researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say that the virus has now spread to every area within the scope of the World Health Organization. These include hot, cold, humid areas. In such a situation, it is not easy to draw a conclusion.

Is the corona virus seasonal?

According to a research team of University College of London, some such evidence has been found, according to which other types of corona virus spread mainly in winter season. Researchers found during research on about 2 thousand people of Britain that the peak of corona virus was also in the cold and normal flu season. As the summer season progresses, new cases have decreased. However, researchers are not able to say with complete confidence that this virus will be eradicated in the summer season.

Will Kovid-19 behave like other corona viruses?

Kovid-19 is also spreading in the same way as the earlier corona viruses have been spreading. But what is the difference that the number of deaths due to this is high. Head of University of Southampton, Dr. Michael says that the spread of Kovid-19 is faster than other viruses. We will have to wait to know the effect of heat on this virus.

Opinion of SARS Exploring Expert

In an interview to the News18 group, a professor at Hong Kong University, who was looking for the SARS virus, also believed that heat could be affected by the corona. He said that the virus is heat sensitive and its spread may decrease during the summer season.

John Nichols, professor of pathology at Hong Kong University, suggested that India should learn from the mistakes and challenges of other countries. John is a professor who was part of the SARS virus detection team in 2003. John Nichols gave his opinion on other intricacies regarding Corona in an interview to CNBC-TV18. Professor John Nichols says that there is clear lab evidence that the corona virus is sensitive to heat. According to him, in places where there is a lot of heat, there is less risk of corona infection.