World's Smartest Country: Detectives Already Sent to China, Corona Virus Controlled in 20 Days

World's Smartest Country: Detectives Already Sent to China, Corona Virus Controlled in 20 Days
Currently, most countries of the world are badly affected by the corona virus epidemic. There is lockout all over the world and everything has come to a standstill. But among all this, there is one most clever and sensible country. Which did not delay to feel the danger. He did not trust any agency or country to save his citizens and saved millions of his citizens from death. In a country with a population of about 5.16 crore, only 10,694 people were caught by the virus. Most of them have recovered.

Spies had already been sent to china

We are talking about South Korea. Yes, South Korea has proved to be the smartest country. According to media reports, he was awakened as soon as South Korea heard the first news of the corona virus in China. It is being reported that South Korea did not rely on any statement from China and the World Health Organization on the corona virus infection. Data hiding is an old Chinese habit. In such a situation, Korea sent its scientific spies to the city of Wuhan to obtain accurate information about the infection. In the hospitals there, Korean spies collected all the information related to the virus. Subsequently, a prevention strategy was formulated.

Korea did not even trust WHO talks

Experts say South Korea also did not rely on WHO talks on corona virus infection. The WHO stated that the corona virus is not spreading in humans. But Korean spies had already confirmed to Wuhan that the virus was spreading from person to person and the Chinese government was hiding it. Korea confused the WHO and started preparing test kits and hospitals for rescue.

Took control in just 20 days

The first case of corona virus was reported on 20 in South Korea. But due to the promptness of the government, it was controlled only within 20 days. On 29 February, Korea had the highest number of cases. But after that the corona virus cases started to decrease.

It is noteworthy that the government of South Korea asked its big companies to make rescue equipment without delay. Connected to every citizen of the country through the mobile app and provided information about rescue. Also, the infected people were provided medical facilities at the earliest. The Korean government tracked each corona-positive person and protected potential people from infection.

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