Worse time is to come ', WHO chief warns of threat of Coronavirus

Worse time is to come ', WHO chief warns of threat of Coronavirus
The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has given a new warning about the corona virus epidemic, stating that 'bad times are yet to come'. In the context of such a situation, he said that there are some countries which have started imposing sanctions. WHO director Tedros Edenham Grabreyes, however, did not explain why he felt the situation would go from bad to worse in the future.

According to data collected by the John Hopkins University of America, the corona virus has infected approximately 2.5 million people while killing 1.66 million people. However, some people have indicated that the infection will spread to African countries in the future, where health facilities are extremely poor.

In a conversation with reporters in Geneva, Tedros compared the Corona virus infection to the Spanish flu of 1918.

He said, "This is a very dangerous situation. It is happening ... like the 1918 flu, in which close to one crore people died." We can survive, we can avoid that kind of crisis. "Trust us," said Tedros. the worst is yet to come. This disaster must be stopped, he said. This is a virus that people still cannot understand.

He also said that the WHO has been warning about the risk of corona virus from the beginning. "We have been warning from day one that this is a devil against whom we all have to fight together," he said. In the context of the US, Tedros said that nothing has been hidden from the US in relation to the corona virus since day one.

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