Adele lost weight, are we allowed to praise that?

Adele lost weight, are we allowed to praise that?
Adele lost weight, are we allowed to praise that?

Adele has always loved her skin.

When she first came on the scene in 2008 with her debut album "19", the British singer was killed to grow up.

Then he lost weight, but apparently not enough to fit some people.

In 2012, renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld apologized when he allegedly called the Grammy winner "a bit rough".

Adele shot from behind.

"I never wanted to look like a model on the cover of magazines," the 23-year-old told People. "I represent the majority of women and I am very proud of it."

Around the same time, he discussed body image with Anderson Cooper of CNN during a "60 Minutes" interview, saying that he never felt pressured to look a certain way.

He said, "I've never seen a magazine cover and music videos and I've been like that. If I want to be successful, I want to look like this."

In later years, Adele rose to even greater heights as an artist. She also became a mother, married and divorced.

In an Instagram post to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, Adele, who has now turned 32, since she became famous, looks slimmer than ever.

As a society we love our stars before and after. Every celebrity change, physical or otherwise, often leads to our public appraisal whether good or bad. But does praising Adele's current appearance in any way criticize her for how she looked before? Or are we only recognizing change?

It is not that the thin Adele has not been criticized.

Adele's final photo caused quite a stir on some social media, where people were already evaluating her apparent weight loss in January.

It was then that TMZ published an article titled "ADELE Now FANS SAY YOU FUCKING TOO MUCH ... I can't please everyone".

The slim-looking comment about Adele came after Anguilla posted pictures of her on a beach in British territory.

Check one because you cannot win by losing.

With celebrities, it seems that many people are entitled to comment on them more freely as we buy their music or watch their movies. We know them but we do not know them, so what is the harm in sharing opinions about them?

But Adele's body is hers. How you want to look is also your business and is not a reflection of your artistic talent, remarkable talent or professional achievement. They have sold millions of albums, had four hits at No. 1 on Billboard, won 15 Grammys, and sold countless stadiums, being of varying sizes.

Yes, Adele has lost her weight. But on a scale above or below, she is still a beautiful woman who creates fine arts.

Regarding her body image in a 2015 interview, Adele said, "The world has big problems with how I feel about myself and things."

Amen, Adele. Amen.

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