After this report came out, China started preparing for war

After this report came out, China started preparing for war
After this report came out, China started preparing for war!

The world blames China for the corona virus. Many big countries of the world have opened a front against China under the leadership of US President Donald Trump. Keeping this in mind, Beijing revealed in an internal report that relations between China and the United States could deteriorate in the near future and that they should be prepared for war.

The report, prepared in Beijing, was presented to President Xi Chinping last month. In addition to Chinping, several senior officials were present at the meeting where this report was presented. The report warns China that its opposition to the world at this time is higher than the 1989 Thianmen Square demonstration.

After which China may face a wave of opposition from US-led countries. Reuters released this report, saying that the report was prepared by the Chinese Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), an expert group of the Ministry of Security.

What was the performance of 1989's Tianmen class

In 1989, more than 1 million students and activists gathered at Beijing's Thianmen Square. They were demonstrating there in support of democracy and to end dictatorship. But from 3-4 June, China's leftist regime opened fire on the people present there, killing thousands of unarmed people. The government there used tanks and troops to suppress this protest. The protests began in April 1989 following the death of Hu Yaobang, a former general secretary of the Communist Party of China and a moderate reformist. Hu opposed China's conservative and government economic and political policy and was expelled for defeat. It was only after this that China's censorship was implemented across the country on the Internet.

After the spread of coronovirus worldwide, President Trump of the United States has opened a front against China. It, along with several countries, has ordered the investigating agencies to properly investigate the crown. Trump said some time ago that he had evidence that the corona virus was created in Wuhan's laboratory, after which a war of war between the two countries continued. In such a situation, China's expert group warned Jinping in presenting the report that he should be prepared for war, as the situation was not right.

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