Biden Wins Oregon Primary

Biden Wins Oregon Primary
Biden Wins Oregon Primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Oregon presidency on Tuesday, the last rung on his belt in March toward his democratic nomination.

The race was called by the Associated Press after voting closed at 11 pm. Eastern Time. Biden won by just over 40 percent with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

Former Vice President will take over most of Oregon's 61 committed delegates after beating Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) In Beaver State.

Sander suspended his presidential campaign last month, but remains on the primary ballot to try to rally and influence more delegates to the Democratic Party's platform at his convention this summer.

Tuesday's competition was conducted entirely by mail. Oregon passed the Citizens Initiative in 1998, establishing voting by mail as the standard mechanism for voting in the state. Amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, other states have advocated for increased voting through mail options this year.

Biden's victory in the dark blue state comes when he has to show President Trump in a head-to-head confrontation in elections in November, and an average poll conducted by Real Clear Politics shows the former vice president up 4.7 percent Were. . Polls also show Biden in a handful of major states, including Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

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