Celebrate National Nurses Day with these proposals

Celebrate National Nurses Day with these proposals
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Celebrate National Nurses Day with these proposals
Celebrate National Nurses Day with these proposals for healthcare workers in Chipotle, Jamba Juice and more

Nurses Week begins on May 6 with National Nurses Day. In 2020, with many nurses and healthcare workers working tirelessly on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to honor the work that medical professionals do every day.

To celebrate National Nurses Day, here are some special offers and month-long discounts for restaurants, coffee, shoes and health workers.


Dunkin '

On May 6, Dunkin 'will offer free hot coffee or half an ice cream and a free donut to all health workers.

Jambu juice

If you purchase a Smoothie or Bowl in the Jamba app or jamba.com from 6 to 13 May, Jamba Juice will donate a Smoothie to a nurse, or other required staff, including doctors, teachers and mail carriers.

Krispy Kreme

On May 11, Krispy Kreme Healthcare is offering a dozen glazed donuts for workers for free. Health workers must show their credibility at the drive-through to obtain donuts.

Mrs. Campus

Mrs. Fields offers a Heroes collection of various cookie tins which is a 25% discount and can be sent to local hospitals and doctors' offices. Use promo code to get a deal when ordering online.


Yogurtland offers discounts for sending individually packaged yogurt yogurt cups to local hospitals or other organizations for their catering service. Promo code ONLINE10 will offer a $ 10 discount on online catering orders of $ 50 or more and SPRING25 a $ 25 discount on orders of $ 100 or more. The deal is available until June 23 at participating Yogurtland locations.


Applebee is

Medical personnel and first responders, as well as active duty military and veterans, can receive a 50% discount on orders of $ 100 per day from every day of Applebee during the month of May. Neighborhood heroes. Call Applebee's restaurant ahead of time and mention your eligibility for Neighborhood Heroes Month when ordering. Then show the valid ID while taking the order to get the deal.


Chipotle is giving away 100,000 free burritos for National Nurses Week. Healthcare workers must submit an application to the Chipotle website with identification by 6 May and can request a code for one, four, or 10 baritos for free.

Remote Steak House

Outback is offering a 10% discount on heroes for nurses, doctors, and other health workers, as well as military and police and firefighters. To be exempt you must be able to present a valid identity.

The underground

For every order of $ 15 or more through postmortem until May 10, Subway will make a 6-inch sub-donation to health care workers.

Shoes and clothes


Adidas offers a 40% discount on its healthcare collections for nurses and medical professionals. You have to verify with ID.me to get the discount.


Crocus was donating its shoes to healthcare workers during the coronovirus epidemic. For those wishing to get a free pair, visit the Crocs website at 10 am. MT is an opportunity to enter the virtual line and receive free shoes.


Nike Healthcare offers 20% off workers. To get the promotional code for the discount go to the Nike website to complete the verification form with SheerID.

North face

Healthcare workers are eligible for a 50% discount from North Face as of 31 December. To get a discount go to their website to check their status with Sheerid.


Skechers offers a discount of 30% for health care and other essential workers as of May 31.

other services

H&R Block

Frontline workers, including nurses and healthcare workers, as well as police and firefighters, can use H & R Block's Tax Pro Go during the month of May to file their federal and state tax returns.

Turn on

Amazon has a variety of Kindle Nursing eBooks available for free.

Place of conversation

Healthcare workers and first responders can get a free month of online therapy through TalcSpace.


Verizon now offers its "The Who's Who" discount to nurses, with an unlimited plan of only $ 30 per month for four lines. For more information visit the Verizon website.

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