China deliberately spread 1 lakh deaths due to virus

China deliberately spread 1 lakh deaths due to virus
China deliberately spread 1 lakh deaths due to virus

The Corona virus is now causing increased tension between the United States and China. After failing to cope with this epidemic, President Donald Trump of the United States has been criticized in his country.

This is the reason why President Trump has once again severely accused China of this virus. Trump has said that the Chinese government was unable to prevent the deadly virus from spreading globally or, for any particular reason, intentionally let it spread.

Let us tell you that the United States is among the countries most affected by the Corona virus. More than 68,000 Americans have died of the corona virus in the past three months, while more than 1.1 million people have tested positive.

The United States leads the world in mortality from corona infection. The epidemic has killed 247,000 people in the world and infected over 3.5 million people.

Trump said during an event, "The corona virus is a terrible thing, it came from China. It could have been prevented on the spot." "China did not stop him." Disability or they were not there for some reason. We have to find out what was the reason for this.

Trump said that between 75,000 and 100,000 people could still die from this deadly virus. "It's a terrible thing. We shouldn't lose a single person. He should have stayed in China."

Trump said that on January 23, intelligence agencies told him about it. On China's role in spreading the virus around the world, he said that he (China) knew that it was a problem. "I think he was very embarrassed by this problem.

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