China to implement new security law for Hong Kong, as city control has been strengthened

China to implement new security law for Hong Kong, as city control has been strengthened
China to implement new security law for Hong Kong, as city control has been strengthened

China is set to implement a new national security law in Hong Kong after months of anti-government demonstrations in the region. The move has raised concerns that the law will give Beijing more control over Hong Kong and provoke more protests for democracy.

The details of the bill were announced on Friday when the country's parliament, China's National People's Congress (NPC), held its annual session, which was delayed this year due to an outbreak of coronovirus.

It is expected that Beijing's control over Hong Kong, China's Special Administrative Region, will be strengthened.

"In view of the new circumstances and needs, the NPC is using the Constitution (power) to establish and improve a legal framework and enforcement mechanism at the state level to protect and defend national security in Hong Kong SAR. 13th National People's "Improve the country's institutional structure," Zhang Yasui, spokesman for the third session of Congress, said in an official English translation at a press conference Thursday night.

In 2003, a previous attempt to enforce national security legislation in Hong Kong ended after large-scale protests.

"This is the end of 'One Country to Systems', make no mistake about it," said Hong Kong's Democratic legislator Denis Kwok.

"Beijing, the Chinese central government has completely failed to live up to its promise to the people of Hong Kong, a promise that was contained in the Sino-British Joint Declaration and Basic Law. They are now fully committed to their obligations to the people of Hong Kong. Are renounced ". , He told reporters.

"Nobody knows yet," United States President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday, detailing China's plan, Reuters reported. "If that happens, we will deal with that problem very strongly," he said.

The "Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act" passed by Trump in 2019 requires the State Department to certify at least once a year that Hong Kong has sufficient autonomy to justify favorable US trade conditions. If this situation is rescinded, it will affect Hong Kong's status as a commercial and financial center and many international companies operating there.

The South China Morning Post reports that this time the law will ban all "traitorous activities" with the intention of toppling the central government.

Orville Scale, director of Arthur Ross at the Center for US-China Relations of the Society of Asia, said the "auspicious time for Beijing to implement the national security law is" concerned with the rest of the world. " .

"If the National People's Congress has passed legislation that sets the terms of Hong Kong's game, it is a very serious violation of the whole country 'one country, two system', because in fact, it should be the Hong Kong Legislative Council Joe do it, but they refuse to do so, and have been opposed every time they try, so Xi Jinping is taunting and moving forward, "Scale told CNBC's" Squawk Box "on Friday told.

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