Coronavirus Live Updates: Bay Area, COVID-19, Monday, May 18

Coronavirus Live Updates: Bay Area, COVID-19, Monday, May 18
Coronavirus Live Updates: Bay Area, COVID-19, Monday, May 18

Most states and parts of the Bay Area enter Phase 2 of California's COVID-19 recovery plan, which may open more businesses as the number of deaths and infections continues to increase.

In Phase 2, retail stores, manufacturing plants, and blue collar offices will be able to resume statewide operations, except for Almada, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Los Angeles counties, which continue to maintain the highest standards. Really strict shelter-in-place. (Updated: Bay Area counties say they plan to relax orders.)

Three days earlier, the state recorded the second deadliest day of the outbreak, with 107 deaths. Another 84 California residents died over the weekend, leaving the state at 3,240.

The state's growth rate was the same as last week, with 18 percent more cases and 17 percent more deaths.

live update:

The Bay Area will reopen this week to allow for curbside retail pickup and related manufacturing, warehousing and logistics businesses, as the area aligns with Governor Gavin Newsom's re-guide.

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and Santa Clara counties, along with the city of Berkeley, will announce new orders that relax some of the coronovirus restrictions. Governments say they will allow retail pickup and related manufacturing, warehousing and logistics businesses to resume this week, bringing them in line with the rest of the state. - Fiona Kalihara, 10:21 am.

Wall Street, while more optimistic about the news promising early trials of the coronovirus vaccine, gave some good news by Bay Area companies such as Apple, Tesla and HP, whose stock prices soared when markets opened on Monday morning . Overall, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 6,3.11 points to nearly 3 percent at 24,367.07; The S&P 500 rose 2.7 percent to 2,940.06; And the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index rose nearly 2 percent to 9,183.59. - Rex Krum, 7:30 pm.

Governor Gavin Newsome's Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Plan for immigrant immigrants in the state begins accepting applications today for disaster assistance payments of up to $ 1,000 per household. The $ 75 million fund is for unspecified adults who are not eligible for other forms of government assistance. - Jacqueline Garcia, 7 am.

Modern Inc.'s experimental COVID-19 vaccine is promising after testing in a small clinical trial at an early stage. The vaccine produced antibodies that could neutralize the new coronaviruses, resulting in antibodies similar to blood samples from those who had recovered from COVID-19. - Reuters, 6:31 am.

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