Dominic Cummings: Fury when UK Prime Minister accuses an advisor of defying blocked rules

Dominic Cummings: Fury when UK Prime Minister accuses an advisor of defying blocked rules
Dominic Cummings: Fury when UK Prime Minister accuses an advisor of defying blocked rules

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson downplayed his entire coronovirus strategy in an apparent attempt to save a man's career.

The prime minister's top adviser, Dominic Cummings, is the long-term opposition's best candidate, who not only planned Johnson's electoral victory in December, but also saw 2016's highly divisive vote Brexit, United Kingdom, to leave the European Union . .

Resisting widespread calls for his firing, Cummings said Monday that he believed his action was justified because they were "exceptional circumstances". His wife was suffering from coronovirus symptoms, and he said she wanted to be close to relatives who, if both were disabled, could be provided childcare.

Apparently, the guidelines say "all these measures will not be possible for people with children", and officials have said they could be overridden if they are "at extreme risk to life".

But many, including several dozen conservative Johnson lawmakers, as well as many top police and health officials, say Cummings does not meet that criteria.

"It is very difficult for the police to advance English," Martin Searle, Chief English Gloucester County Police Commissioner, told the BBC. "It will be cited again and again when it tries to implement the new rules."

"I can say that within a few minutes tonight, Boris Johnson has broken whatever advice he has given to the public to fight COIDID-19. Stephen Reacher, a professor at St. Andrews University, tweeted. Which sits on the one of the government. Advisory side.

John Wilson, whose wife died of a coronavirus in March, was one of several members of the bereaved family who said they were angry that they had complied with government regulations, only to find that they were clearly Was one of its top officials.

Wilson wrote in a letter to his Member of Parliament, "On the day of his death, I could not be with him to take his hand." He said he delayed writing the letter to "let my anger subside so that it could be consistent and civil."

Angry citizens' calls have ignited radio phone shows. And the Daily Mail, a conservative tabloid who often disagrees with the editorial line of The Guardian in the partisan world of British newspapers, said: "What planet are they on?" With photographs by Johnson and Cummings.

The incident itself may have been forgotten with a quick apology. However, it is Johnson's defense of Cummings that he said "he acted responsibly, legally and with integrity," which has seen the episode dominate the headlines in the UK and around the world.

In an effort to end the story, Cummings called a press conference in the garden at 10 Downing Street on Monday, an unusual move for an unequal officer who usually works behind the scenes. He gave a slight contradiction, urging people not to "believe everything they read in newspapers or watch on television".

He said that "a lot of people are seeing me in the media about my actions, angry with them" and added that "they took the right decision but I understand that others may disagree."

It was familiar to a symbolic political messenger who never hid his disdain for the media and who now advises the political establishment.

At the press conference, Cummings elaborated that, in late March, his wife became ill and moved to an estate at her father's farm in Durham in the north of England. He wanted to be around younger members of his family, who live in a separate building on the farm if he and his wife became too ill to take care of their son.

He soon suffered symptoms on his own, but neither he nor his wife were examined nor were their symptoms severe enough to be hospitalized. His son went to the hospital after feeling somewhat unwell, but was negative for COVID-19.

He also confirmed that he made a second trip 30 miles from the nearby town of Barnard Castle in Durham. This was at a time when non-violent travel was completely banned.

Cummings said that his eye light had gone off during his illness, and that his wife wanted him to try a short trip to test his vision before attempting a longer trip to Durham.

Questions remain about that visit: It was unclear whether his wife, who was fully recovered by then, had not returned to the capital, nor did Cummings take a short test drive on the family farm was. Why didn't you try

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