During Europe's heat wave and the spring of the United States, the beaches, parks, were occupied. New American Coronavirus Rules Tested

During Europe's heat wave and the spring of the United States, the beaches, parks, were occupied. New American Coronavirus Rules Tested
During Europe's heat wave and the spring of the United States, the beaches, parks, were occupied. New American Coronavirus Rules Tested

The summer season as the epicenter of Spain's outbreak from New York and Italy is greatly attracting the world from coronovirus disruptions, gradually removing restrictions that have kept millions for months.

People return to beaches, parks and roads as soon as they hit southern Europe and spring temperatures, and spring temperatures allow Americans to shed winter coats. As they venture again, most maintain their distance and some wear masks. However, there are also protests from Germany to England and the United States, arguing that government restrictions destroy personal freedoms and are destroying economies.

The Greeks reopened more than 500 beaches, reaching the coast on Saturday with a temperature of 34 ° C.

Chhatra posts must be 4 meters (13 ft) apart, a canopy no closer than 1 meter, as the country sought to walk the fine line between protecting people from COVID-19 and reviving the tourism sector And many people depend on their livelihood.

", This is the best for us ... senior and take a little rest after arrival."

White circles were painted on the lawn at Brooklyn Domino Park in New York City to help sun worshipers and pedestrians maintain a safe distance. About half of the people in the park appeared to cover their faces in one form or another, as they collectively wore masks with police officers in a small group on Saturday afternoon.

In Paris, Bois de Boulogne, health training worker Anne Shardon, wore a disinfectant gel and a mask, but said she felt a sense of freedom again for the first time after weeks of captivity.

"It is as if we were in Sleeping Beauty's palace, all sleeping, all frozen, and suddenly there is light and space. Suddenly we can experience the little joys of each day, the places that belong to us, and We are rediscovering. "

On the French Riviera, many people bathing in the sea wore protective masks. Fishing and surfing were also permitted, but sunbathing was prohibited.

We are semi-free, ”a local hat-trick said in a straw hat as he was walking the empty pebble beach in Nice.

'Mukut Awadh'

In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan Valley, survivors in Tel Aviv mostly tried to remain isolated.

"We hope the warm water and the weather will make the crown disappear," Lilach Verdi, a woman who came to Israel to swim in the Dead Sea, is seen by lifeguards roasting an egg in a pan on a scorched sand nearby tried.

In Tunisia, which did not report new cases of COVID-19 for four consecutive days last week, the store reopened on people's streets and recently with less social distance.

Muslims are arriving on the Eid al-Fitr festival ending the holy month of Ramadan, when many people celebrate with new shopping.

I stayed in the house for two months and I almost went mad, "said a woman at the Manar City Mall in Tunis." I am surprised by the crowd, but I need to buy Eid clothes for my children. "

But around the world, any restrictions caused small pockets of protesters to break. Protests in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have led protesters armed with rifles and pistols to rapidly reopen the states, which can be transported publicly to many parts of the country.

Thousands of Germans took to the streets on Saturday to protest against government-imposed sanctions and Polish police released tear gas to disperse the protesters.

In Hyde Park, London, police arrested 19 people on Saturday for deliberately breaking social guidelines to protest against the rules, the first weekend since the modest announcement of an England shutdown by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. .

The scene in another part of the city on Sunday was very quiet when children climbed trees, kicked soccer balls and threw Frisbees into Greenwich Park. Pairs and large groups sunbathe in open gardens, mainly observing social order while drinking and drinking beer.

"We're excited to be outside," said Nico Privado, who brought his three brightly colored macaws to the park, each praying for a portable perch. "This is the second time we can remove (them)

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