Experts may say that the corona vaccine cannot be made like HIV

Experts may say that the corona vaccine cannot be made like HIV
Experts may say that the corona vaccine cannot be made like HIV

Everyone is struggling with corona virus infection. Scientists around the world are searching for the Corona vaccine. Vaccine trials have also started at some places. But the effective vaccine has not yet been implemented. In such a situation, the question arises what will happen if the corona vaccine is not found.

What if the vaccine cannot be discovered in the worst case scenario? It needs to be investigated. According to a CNN report, experts say that if the corona vaccine is not available, then our society needs to learn to live with corona infection.

If the vaccine is not received, then one must learn to live with the Taj.

In such a situation the cities will gradually open, there will be some freedom but not completely.
If the corona vaccine is not available, then the corona test and physical examination will become part of our lives. Self-isolation will also be a part of life in many countries. If the vaccine is not available, your treatment can be searched. But every year there will be an era of epidemics, and millions of people die worldwide.

Many countries participate in vaccine trials. But experts say that nothing will happen so soon. Speaking to CNN, Dr. David Nabarro, Professor of Global Health at the Imperial College of London, says that there are still many viruses, whose vaccines we have not been able to find. Therefore, we cannot say that the vaccine will be available. If found, you will have to go through several levels of testing.

Some experts believe that the coronavirus vaccine will be found. Because, like HIV and malaria, its virus does not spread much faster.

HIV vaccine not yet received

However, this occurred earlier when no virus vaccine was found. In one such case, in 1984, United States Health Minister Margaret Heckler announced at a press conference in Washington that scientists had identified a new type of virus. Later that virus got the name of HIV.

At that time it was said that the vaccine for this virus would be prepared in the next two years. But after two decades and nearly 20 million deaths, the HIV vaccine has not been discovered.

Suffering from HIV has become a curse in itself. As soon as a positive report comes from someone, their world changes to hell. They avoid it on their own. Later, the article in the Medical Journal has also written that much needs to be done to cure the life of a person infected with HIV.

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