Following a Wisconsin court ruling Rhea and Thirsty descend on mob bars.

Following a Wisconsin court ruling Rhea and Thirsty descend on mob bars.
Following a Wisconsin court ruling Rhea and Thirsty descend on mob bars.

On Wednesday night, in Platteville City Center, Wisconsin, Nick's K2 was parked wall-to-wall, just hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected the state's Home Stay Order.

It was after 10 in the night. When Hollies' "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" approached the sound system and a bartender pulled out his camera. In a Twitter feed, he scanned the crowded customer room, as if it is 2019. Some clapping in the air and others were punching, a scene so delightful that they could celebrate the end of the worst pandemic in a century.

Instead, as Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) knew, they were only celebrating the clear end of their power over them, at least for now.

We're the Wild West, "Evers told MSNBC's Ali Velshi on Wednesday night, reacting to the state's Supreme Court decision and scenes of people partying in bars in Wisconsin." State of Wisconsin. … So right now… there is nothing here to compel people to do anything other than chaos. "

Following a conservative majority of the Supreme Court, issuing a 4 to 3 ruling, advancing the extension of the stay-at-home order issued by the Evers' head of state of health, the Wisconsin Tavern League instructed its members to Feel free to "open image". !

With Evers' statewide orders, local health officials hastened to issue or extend city-wide or county-wide home stay orders, which could lead to disturbances in state-wide rules and regulations. Some traffic through county lines is not mentioned. This is a situation unlike any other in the United States as the epidemic continues. But most of all, Evers feared that the court order would produce only what he was trying to avoid: more deaths.

More than 10,900 coronovirus cases and 421 deaths have been confirmed in Wisconsin.

"When you don't have requirements, it's a problem," he said. "We're leaving it open. We have more cases to come. We're going to have more deaths. And it's sad for the state. I can't tell you how disappointed I am."

The state's superior court on Wednesday sided with Republican lawmakers, who sued the Evers administration in April, finding that Democratic governors "cannot rely on emergency powers indefinitely" for the epidemic. It was month. In a decisive opinion, Judge Rebecca Bradley cited Kormatsu. The United States, in which the Supreme Court gave Japanese Americans "extraordinary abuses of their citizens, is a way of urging the courts to approve the exercise of extraordinary power in times of emergency". "

Conservative judge Brian Hendorne joined the other two dissident liberals. Judge Rebecca Dellett wrote in her dissent: "This decision would undoubtedly be considered one of the clearest examples of judicial activism in the history of this court. And it will be the people of Wisconsin who pay the price. "

Republican lawmakers called it one of the stringent public health measures for the state's legislature, which, like other states, required the Evers administration to follow residents. The Supreme Court recognized that an unequal state health chief should not have such broad power over millions of people.

In Wisconsin's hyperparty political climate, it is unclear whether a democratic administration would compromise the public's health with a Republican-majority, a concern Aviers shared Wednesday night. He said that, as far as he can see, the Republicans had no plans, but would talk to him on Thursday.

We have no rights at this time, "he said on MSNBC. He has taken it away from them."

In the hodgepodge of county and city orders, Racine and the state's largest city, Milwaukee, issued or increased their own living orders that still ban the reopening of bars and restaurants, except for takeaways. Dane County, where Madison is located, and Brown County, Green Bay's home and several meatpacking plants, also issued orders to stay indoors.

"Different counties say, 'Turn it on.' 'Other counties say,' No, we don't want that, '"Evers said. "So all of a sudden, this is a 72-county case, which is very confusing for the people. State".

The bar scene was filled with counties so that there were apparently no immediate health orders to replace Evers.

WISN reported that beverages started flowing in the Iron Hog ​​Hall in Port Washington but the mask and social detachment were missing. Owner Chad Arandt said he had established more cleaning protocols and if people were uncomfortable, he didn't need to come and he would respect it. "I hope they respect my feelings [that] I would like to go out and I would like the economy to start working again," he said.

For a customer, Gary Bertram, it is a simple decision. "If people want to quarantine, then quarantine." If you do not want to quarantine, do not. Get out there and do what you normally do, ”he told WISN.

It's not that easy, of course. Public health officials have repeatedly warned that those who neglect the social system and get on with their lives can spread the disease to those who do not drink at the bar, but simply go to the grocery store Huh.

Other reopening strips tried to be more cautious. At Jake's Supper Club in Mekomonie, high tables were stored away, employees were required to wear face masks, and hand-cleaning stations were set up, owner Peter Gretzmasher told WQOW.

The biggest challenge, he said, would be to keep the feces twice the required distance on a regular basis, when "everyone considers themselves a family."

The Tavern League of Wisconsin still encouraged bars to follow Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation's reopening guidelines, including wearing employee masks, tightening hygiene policies, and keeping customer groups separated by six feet. Distance from the league's chief executive, Pete Madland, told FOX 11 that it welcomed the ruling because it helped bars in crisis.

"They are watching their livelihood melt away ... and they couldn't do anything about it," Madland said.

Nick's second comment about his policies Thursday morning could not be immediately reached.

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