Heavy fire broke out near fisherman's wharf in a crab processing warehouse with 4 alarms

Heavy fire broke out near fisherman's wharf in a crab processing warehouse with 4 alarms
Heavy fire broke out near fisherman's wharf in a crab processing warehouse with 4 alarms

A massive four-alarm fire broke out on the San Francisco pier near Fisherman's Wharf early Saturday morning threatening to shell out the historic American independence ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien and destroy a crab processing plant.

San Francisco fire spokesman Jonathan Baxter said a firefighter was injured fighting the fire and was in stable condition. A fire
The truck was also damaged.

Firefighters began responding to a 911 call from the fire on the Taylor and Jones Street boardwalk around 4:15 p.m. The ensuing crew faced flames, which surrounded the warehouse, forcing them to adopt a defensive posture.

The warehouse had a large fish processing operation: Keto Fisheries, family owned. The company is a major processor for the Northern California Crab Fleet.

The structure collapsed shortly after firefighters arrived. San Francisco fireboat 3 appeared on the scene fighting O'Brien with the flames, but the fire had spread under the pier. The streets of the Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood were closed.

Baxter said the fireboat crew rescued the historic ship.

"When the fire crews arrived, the flames were literally killing Jeremiah O'Brien," he said. "He literally saved O'Brien."

The crew also prevented the fire from spreading to the USS Pampanito, which is also housed in the dock.

Firefighters said the massive fire had spread to other structures at the dock. At 6:40 am, firefighters had a fire but it was not extinguished for hours.

"We have a separate fire behind Pier 45," Baxter said at 7 am.

He said the fire went through the building C into the dock and "all four corners of the building fell into the building. We have been told that there should be no one in the building (at the time of the fire) at night."

Still, Baxter said, rescuers were searching for smoke residues because they could make sure the fire didn't fall victim.

He said there were 130 firefighters and 50 aircraft at the scene at the height of the fight with flames.

Baxter asked spectators on land and boats to stay away from the area. The Coast Guard was on scene helping monitor the water.

Construction inspectors will determine the severity of damage to the pier.

The fire could be seen for miles. A large column of smoke covered much of San Francisco Bay, extending from Sausalito to Oakland. Many residents have reported on social media that they can smell smoke.

People visiting San Francisco's popular fisherman's wharf are very familiar with the wharf, as it has many old warships that are associated with it.

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