Hillary former mentor to #FireChrisHayes said: This level of apology for the Dames rape is okay.

Hillary former mentor to #FireChrisHayes said: This level of apology for the Dames rape is okay.
Hillary former mentor to #FireChrisHayes said: This level of apology for the Dames rape is okay.

Former Hillary Clinton's former senior adviser, Peter Douo, criticized some Democrats for their decision to attack MSBC presenter Chris Hayes to cover up Tara Reade's sexual harassment allegations against her vice-president Joe Baden.

If you believe that only the Republican Party is responsible for this troubled world, then look no further than trending #FireChrisHayes because @chrislhayes had the integrity of journalism to cover an important #MeToo story against a Democrat, "Dou wrote on Twitter on Thursday." This level of forgiveness for rape. Dames is calling. "

Deutsche's comments came in response to coverage of Reid's allegations after appearing on Twitter by #FireChrisHayes.

There have been many times when I think that many of us, all of us have heard of allegations against someone, we don't want to believe in ourselves whether we are personal to a person and his person Want praise. Work or political acclaim, someone from our side in quotes, ”the liberal MSNBC host said on Wednesday.

But part of the difficult lesson of the #MeToo era is not that all allegations are true and that everything on their face should be considered, but when you think you have to fight yourself. "

Hayes reviewed Reiday's allegations, noting that three of Biden's associates refused to mention any of Reiday's alleged harassment, despite Reeday's claim that he spoke to them on the matter. He also said that the Biden campaign denied the allegations.

Liberal commentator Bill Palmer tweeted that Hades published a "dishonest story" about Biden on Wednesday night.

Hi Chris Hayes, You have posted such a dishonest story about Joe Biden tonight, #FireChrisHayes is starting to become a trend. Let's say we trend all the way. Hess needs to step back from history or do something else to earn a living, ”he said.

However, many on the left defended Hayes. "It's not like @chrislhayes needs my support, especially since television doesn't like me either, but you #FireChrisHayes are going through the mirror in this case. Sexual harassment allegations should not be covered. [They should be removed. " The liberal commentator Ellie Mistle said.

Former MSNBC host Senk Uyger defended Hess in a similar manner, but criticized his former network in the process.

Anyone tweeting in support of #FireChrisHayes is saying that he believes the media should not make news, but simply campaign on behalf of the Democratic Party. To be fair, this is exactly when @MSNBC does 98 [percent] of the time, but even a minor deviation is not allowed! "he said.

Uyger said that "people who want Chris to be fired for not advertising 24 hours a day, for @JoeBiden 7 days a week are the same people who pretend to be angry when Trump attacks the press." Are. Nor do you want. The independent press, you just want the fulfillment of your beloved political position, right or wrong. Sick. "

MSNBC did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

The controversy came to light when the media faced an investigation to deal with Reid's allegations.

According to conservative blog Newsbusters, the mainstream media barely covered the problem or retained it from March 25, when the allegations emerged until April 27.

Even the liberal New York Times and Washington Post have published lengthy stories investigating the allegations (on April 13), although ABC and NBC have not spent each other in the story, "Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters reported a Written in published article. Tuesday.

CBS has spent a paltry in 63 seconds, while PBS has given only seven minutes. The all-day news networks CNN and MSNBC should have posted significantly higher totals, but they didn't: MSNBC achieved just four and a half minutes in mid-April, while CNN only ended its complete blackout after publishing itself. A 1993 video from Aiday validated a major claim. "

ABC's "The View" finally did a segment on the topic on Thursday after weeks of ignoring it.

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