House Democrats approve $ 3T coronavirus relief bill

House Democrats approve $ 3T coronavirus relief bill
House Democrats approve $ 3T coronavirus relief bill

Friday night, House Democrats passed a $ 3 trillion coronavirus relief bill after Senate Republicans and President Trump died of the so-called Heroes Act.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California complained that the 1,800-page bill was "the largest bill in Congressional history", and it was rolled out this week. Committee hearing

Democrats defended the bill, arguing that dragging Republicans' feet forced them to move forward with a unilateral proposal.

"There is pain." Sorrow is death in the whole earth. Representative Hakeem Geoffries (D-NY) of the Democratic House said, "Congress must act to relieve the American people."

Bill 14 passed Democrats and Centrist with "no" and a Republican voting. Peter King of New York voted in favor.

Before the bill was passed, Democrats authorized a proxy vote for future legislation and defeated the Republican push to ban receiving checks that incited illegal immigrants.

Congress first approved four main coronovirus relief packages after painstaking negotiations between Democrats and White House representatives.

After approving the fourth major package last month, Republicans said they wanted to hold off on reflecting and criticizing the proposed state bailout.

The new aid project includes about $ 1 trillion for state and local governments, which Republicans are wary of giving, including Trump.

It would authorize another round of incentive checks of up to $ 1,200, create a $ 200 billion "hero fund" that would make risk payments to medical staff, allocate $ 175 billion for rent and mortgage assistance, and $ 75,000 on viruses. Will spend Millions in testing and contact tracking.

The bill would also expand the federal increase of $ 600 per week in unemployment insurance payments through January 2021. Currently this growth has been going on since July.

Additional items include an increase in food ticket payments costing $ 10 billion, $ 25 billion for the Postal Service, $ 3.6 billion for state election offices, and $ 5.5 billion. To extend high-speed Internet to libraries and homes.

The bill also proposes new funds for census and health insurance programs.

The bill would provide relief to wealthy residents of high-tax states such as New York by waiving the $ 10,000 limit on federal and state tax deductions (SALT) for 2020 and 2021.

Republicans opposed provisions that direct funds toward abortions and abductions from deporting illegal immigrants.

The bill would authorize banks to work legally with state cannabis companies, which reflected the broad priorities included in the package.

This is actually a practice of legislative unrest, "said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), Who led the House debate for Republicans." In my opinion, it makes more sense, Madam Speaker, directly. To send to Santa Claus. "

Although Democratic leaders are lobbying Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) To allow a vote, even some Democrats accept the bill as a starting point for negotiations.

"Every coronovirus bill] began with a resolution that was later negotiated to reach bipartisan support," Senator Richard Blumentahl (D-Con) told the Post.

McConnell promised on Friday that the House bill would go nowhere.

McConnell said, "The Hero Act" reads as if the Speaker of the House pastes random ideas from its more liberal members and inserts the word "coronovirus".

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