How is VE Day celebrated differently this year

How is VE Day celebrated differently this year
How is VE Day celebrated differently this year

Friday marks 75 years since the end of World War II in Europe. This date is traditionally celebrated with pomp, May 8 this year will be celebrated in a very different way.

The coronavirus epidemic means that millions of people live at home around the world, so people need to find new ways to celebrate Victory Day in Europe (VE).

Why is this year so important?

As its name implies, VE Day only marks the end of the conflict in Europe, when Nazi Germany surrendered almost six years after the war.

However, the war against Japan changed to August of that year, and August 15 is marked as a celebration of victory on Japan (VJ) Day.

VE Day marks the end of a war in which millions of people lost their lives and the course of world history changed forever.

However, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of VE Day, this year's ceremony has special significance.

How has Kovid-19 influenced the celebrations?

While members of the public crowded the streets to celebrate in 1945, measures of social disturbance mean that public celebrations such as heavyweight parades and street parties have been canceled this year.

Hans Health, Europe's regional director of the World Health Organization (WHO), agrees with the measures.

"Very important day is coming for us, VE Day," the AP said in a briefing on Thursday, and I would like to congratulate the governments that have taken the courageous decision to postpone the parade, maintain health at the center. " from the UK. The media reported to the news agency.

We have great respect for that date ... but we should not put human lives in danger. ''

However, there are other ways to mark the occasion by following social removal measures.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lit a candle in Westminster Abbey on Thursday night to commemorate those who died during the war.

The UK government has launched a website where people can find resources to celebrate VE Day, including sharing at home and making posters.

Meanwhile, the cultural organization English Heritage has put together a special package, which includes dishes from the 1940s, a Spotify playlist and dance steps that were popular at the time.

British authorities are encouraging people to use online materials offered by the Imperial War Museum, National Archives and National Army Museum to learn more about the war and its history.

How do people mark this year's day?

In the United Kingdom, the government decided to move the traditional bank holiday from the first Monday to 8 May of each month in honor of VE Day. This is only the second time in history that the holidays have gone: the first was in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary.

There are several events scheduled throughout the day, including two minutes of silence for 11 minutes. BST (6 am).

The BBC will offer a comprehensive VE Day program, which will include the broadcast of Prime Minister Winston Churchill's speech announcing victory in Europe at 2.45pm. BST (9.45 a.m. ET).

The British are encouraged to toast the gates at 3 pm. BST (10 pm ET), and a queen's address will air at 9 pm. BST (4 pm ET).

Other shows include a performance by singer Catherine Jenkins, who will sing favorite war songs behind closed doors at London's Royal Albert Hall, which will air online at 6pm. BST (1 pm ET).

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