Hydroxychloroquine drugs: why President Trump is becoming a doctor for corona treatment

Hydroxychloroquine drugs: why President Trump is becoming a doctor for corona treatment
Hydroxychloroquine drugs: why President Trump is becoming a doctor for corona treatment

United States President Donald Trump said he is taking a drug called hydroxychloroquine to protect himself against coronaviruses.

At a White House meeting, Trump said he had recently started taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug used to treat malaria and lupus.

He said: "I have been taking this medicine for about a week and a half and I see that I am healthy in front of you."

This medicine is commonly used in the treatment of malaria.

However, no evidence has yet been found of how effective this drug is for coronovirus patients.

However, clinical trials are currently underway for this.

The World Health Organization has also stated that there is no firm evidence on how effective hydroxychloroquine is in the treatment of Taj.

What did Trump say?

The 73-year-old Trump met people involved with the restaurant business at the White House on Monday. During this time he said that he is taking hydroxychloroquine.

He said: "You would be surprised to know how many people are taking this drug. Especially front-line workers are taking this medicine to avoid coronovirus. I am taking this medicine myself."

When Trump was asked what positive evidence he had received regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine, he said: "I have received several calls in this regard. This is evidence."

Comments on Trump's statement

While many people have expressed concern about Trump's statement, many have called it somewhat scary.

Scientists say that as of now there is no firm evidence that 19 patients of Kovid benefit from the use of this drug.

They say that the use of this medicine can harm the body, it can also damage the kidneys and liver.

One person wrote: "I am a scientist. I do not know about politics, but please do not take hydroxychloroquine. It can be harmful and no data has yet shown that Kovid has recovered 19 patients from it. Huh . "

Tom Posnonski said: "The person who does not support face masks is looking to reopen the economy in the midst of the Corona epidemic and take medicines for a disease that he does not have and the drug to be investigated. Is it really right? "

In March, Trump mentioned using hydroxychloroquine to treat coronovirus, after which many doctors in the United States are administering hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to their patients. However, there have been some shortcomings in recent times.

Some people who are completely dependent on this drug say that due to the increasing demand for the drug, its availability in the market has reduced, which has had an impact on their health.

Lisa Brown doubles shared a picture on social media and wrote that this drug is necessary for lupus patients. Do not take this medicine "Lupus patients have to deal with this problem in patients with hydroxychloroquine."

Not only Trump, but Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro also supported this drug. Facebook recently removed a Bolsonaro video for spreading misinformation.

In this video, Bolsonaro said: "Hydroxychloroquine works everywhere."

Hydroxychloroquine has long been used to reduce malaria fever, and it is hoped that it may also inhibit coronaviruses.

"High-quality randomized clinical trials are needed to determine how effective this drug is," says Kom Gebnigi of Oxford University, who wrote a report on the effects of malaria in the treatment of tiara . "

There are more than 20 trials in progress in the United States. United States, Britain, Spain and China. Cabinet Minister Michael Gow says clinical trials are underway in Britain on the effect of antimicrobial drugs on coronoviruses.

In the United States as well, several trials are being conducted for the combination of drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to be effective in the treatment of crowns.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permits the use of any drug in the United States. He allowed these medicines to be used in cases of limited crown in an emergency, but also stated that in certain circumstances the hospital could use these medicines in the crown upon request.

On doctor's advice

France also allowed its doctors to recommend this drug to Corona patients, but at the same time warned of its side effects.

The Health Minister of India has advised health workers to take hydroxychloroquine as a precaution along with family members on doctor's advice to eat this medicine. .

However, the Indian government research institute warned of its use and said that it is at the "experiment" level and should only be used in emergency situations.

Many countries in the Middle East have also allowed its use. These countries include Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Bahrain claims that he previously used hydroxychloroquine in his patient Corona.

In developing countries, chloroquine and related drugs are present in sufficient quantities. These drugs have been used in the treatment of malaria in these countries.

However, as it gradually becomes more resistant to malaria, the effect of this drug has reduced in the case of malaria.

Jordan also banned its sale in pharmacies to prevent hoarding, while Kuwait's Ministry of Health removed it from all private pharmacies and limited its availability to government centers and hospitals. In Kenya, a rule was established to sell this drug only under prescription.

India is a major producer of these drugs. But India has banned its export.

Despite the ban on this drug in 2005, people in Nigeria still use it as an antimalarial drug. In China in the month of February, after mentioning that hydroxychloroquine works in cases of coronovirus.

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control appealed to people to stop taking this medicine, saying: "The World Health Organization has not confirmed the effect of this drug in the treatment of coronovirus."

The BBC's Daniel Semenirima said that people in Lagos ignore this advice and are dedicated to protecting themselves. It also has serious consequences. Lagos officials say many people are seriously ill from hydroxychloroquine overdose.

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